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Jim Rickards Gold

In this bold manifesto, bestselling author and eco­nomic commentator James Rickards steps forward to defend gold—as both an irreplaceable store of wealth and a standard for currency. Why Investors Should Bet on Gold http://bloom.bg/1MSxTym The New Case for Gold: Rickards…

Gold Vs Financial Terrorism

As Americans we hear a lot about terrorism. I mean a lot. Violent terrorism seems to be most everywhere, except America, currently. That of course is not to say that America has not experienced terrorism. We all remember September 11,…

Physical Gold – That Dog Can Hunt!

There is an old saying that goes back to times when people actually used their dogs to hunt, whether it was for sport or food or income or safety, and that saying is, “that dog can hunt!”. Today that old…

After The Gold Rush – Atlantic City

Maybe you have been to Atlantic City. Maybe you have been to Las Vegas. Maybe have been to Detroit. Right now Atlantic City in Detroit don’t look anything like Las Vegas, even though Las Vegas took its own share of…

Chinese Currency Devaluation Explained

China is in the news a lot recently, should I say the financial news, due to a Chinese currency devaluation, but most people who do not study the markets were not involved in the markets professionally don’t truly grasp the…

A-Mark Bullion Update

At the European Central Bank meeting today, key interest rates and the existing 1.5 trillion euro monetary stimulus program were left untouched. In ECB President Mario Draghi’s commentary, the door was left open for further European stimulus measures to be…

A DOW Crash Of 1000 Points Means Expensive Trouble

One week ago today the market opened to a very sharp decline. In fact, the market suffered a 1000 point DOW crash in the first opening hour. Tumultuous days of trading ensued, with wild swings happening intraday, and the closing…

IMF’s Plan for Cashless Society

“Breaking Through the Zero Lower Bound” is an October 2015 study published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This research paper presents a new central bank tool that would empower central banks to drop interest rates below zero to “stimulate”…

Asset Classes

Strategy Explained: Good Money Assets and Fiat Money Instruments Introduction Welcome to the Strategy Explained webinar series. I’m Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading. In this series, I will be sharing MY educated opinions which are based upon…

A-Mark Bullion Update

The Dow is down 500 points.  The Vix index is up 11%.  Commodities, as a whole, are a sea of red with crude oil down nearly 10%.  Any feelings of comfort that the stock market recovery at the end of…


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