Corporate Sovereignty Part 1

10-5-17 PBSM Corporate Sovereignty Part 1, by Lynette Zang In 1971 Nixon handed full control of inflation to the Federal Reserve, a private corporation. Thus began the financialization of global markets. In the 1980’s and 1990’s Bilateral Investment Treaties were put in place. Many of these agreements transferred rights from Sovereign Countries to multinational corporations. In the late 1990’s corporate consolidations began to dwindle our choices, though perception management tools hid this fact from the public. Today, 147 corporations control … Read More »

The Drive to Cryptocurrencies, Who is Really Driving This Bus, by Lynette Zang

9-28-17 The Drive to Cryptocurrencies, Who is Really Driving This Bus The key problem faced by central bankers in their ability to generate inflation. Janet Yellen says she doesn’t understand why inflation is not responding the traditional way. OK then, I’ll tell her. It’s because, by design, fiat money loses value over time via debt inflation. This inflation is regulated via interest rates and perception management. Officially, there is only 4 cents in value left out of the original 100 … Read More »

The Impact of Hurricanes – Massive Costs to Victims, Insurers, Taxpayers and the Economy

Economic Hurricane

9-12-17 The Impact of Hurricanes – Massive Costs to Victims, Insurers, Taxpayers and the Economy, by Lynette Zang   Today we’re looking at the impact of hurricane Harvey on the victims, insurers, taxpayers and the economy. This could easily be a metaphor for the economic hurricane headed our way. Doppler radar enables us to watch the evolution of a hurricane and history tells us the most likely outcome. Peeking beneath the skin of the markets, along with 6,000 years of … Read More »

It’s All About The Leverage – The Net Capital Rule And Dodd-Frank

9-5-17 It’s All About the Leverage, by Lynette Zang   Leverage, The Net Capital Rule,The Lehman Moment, And Dodd-Frank. On April 28, 2004, under pressure from the largest broker dealers (Bear Stearns, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, and Morgan Stanley) the SEC approved the “Net Capital Rule” which allowed these entities exemptions that enabled them to dramatically increase leverage. Many believe this, in part, formed the foundation of the 2007 crisis. At that time Lehman was levered at 30:1 … Read More »

The EU Monetary Union And The Road To A Greek Debt Reset. Who Really Got Bailed Out?

Greek Debt Reset

8-29-17 Greece, by Lynette Zang After years of preparation, in 2001 Greece was accepted into the EU Monetary Union. The main benefit was the ability to borrow at the same rate as Germany. And borrow they did, so much so that debt service far outpaced Greece’s ability to pay all this new debt. In May 2011, the Troika (European Commission (EC), ECB and IMF) granted Greece it’s first of four “bail-outs”. The question is who got bailed out? Who really … Read More »

Why the IMF will use the ACC and SDR to Capture Wealth

ITM Trading’s Lynette Zang talks about why she believes the ACC (Asset Collection Chain) Coin is being used to capture ownership in the SDR. In 2009 China brought up using the SDR to replace the USD as “The” world’s reserve currency. That made a lot of sense since it’s been used in reserves since 1969, so they didn’t have to invent a new money, simply tweak the one already in place. That’s exactly what she been watching unfold ever since. … Read More »

The Global Unit of Account From the USD to the SDR Has Started

The Global Unit Of Account

ITM Trading’s Chief Market Analyst Lynette Zang Discusses How The Global Unit Of Account Is Shifting From The US Dollar To The SDR. The Shift Has Already Begun, And This Is Where The Shift Is Leading. Saying that the global unit of account is changing is nearly synonymous as saying that the US dollar is losing it’s status as the world reserve currency. This will not bode well for holders of the US dollar. Charts And Graphs From The Presentation: … Read More »

ww3 North Korea


Is WW3 Imminent? Its A Mad, Mad World. North Korea – Russia – China – Qatar hi everybody Lynette Zang chief market analysts here at ITM trading a full-service physical metals brokerage house specializing in gold and silver. So you may be aware of what’s going on in different parts of the world North Korea tested a missile that could hit the US and of course what’s happening in the Middle East with Qatar and the and our allies Saudi … Read More »

Saudi Aramco


Petrodollar Saudi Aramco Video hi everyone I’m Lynette Zang chief market analyst here at ITN trading a full-service physical precious metals gold and silver brokerage house so today I want to keep you updated on what’s happening with the petro dollar because keep in mind that globally everybody must use dollars in order to buy oil that’s the petro dollar well what we know is that Saudi Arabia was the one that signed that petro dollar deal wants to break … Read More »