A-Mark Bullion Update

May 10, 2016. US non-farm payrolls disappointed on Friday of last week, adding just 160,000 jobs in the month of April.  This was the worst figure since October of last year and well below the consensus estimate of 200,000.  Despite the economic release, the USD shrugged off the news and the USD index is now up for the sixth day in a row.  USD strength weighed on gold over the weekend and Asia entered the market as a seller on … Read More »

Why Electronics Need Gold.

Does The Apple Watch Need Gold? If Not, They Make One Out Of Gold.

If you had not realized how important gold has become in how you move through everyday life, you are not alone. Most people are shocked to find that they need gold and rely so heavily on this element. Gold is listed on the Scientific Periodic Table of Elements because it is one of the pure elements that we find in the Earth’s crust. The periodic table of elements also notes that gold has a complete ring of outer electrons. For … Read More »