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ADMITTEDLY CORRUPT: The Truth About Where Your Money Goes

Was an unintended consequence of bailing out the big banks funding criminal activity? Why didn’t regulators (like the CFTC) recognize the signs of market manipulations? These are some questions many in the markets have been asking for many years, especially…

DON’T WORRY, SPEND MONEY: Undeniable Bad Advice & Negative Signals…

On August 22, 2019 at 7:15 am, the 10 YR/2 YR treasury yield curve inverted for the third time this month. The first inversion in this cycle was on August 13th. In addition, the 10 YR/3 MNTH inversion that began…

GLOBAL ECON CRACKS: China is Losing Their Footing

Like the US did in the 1920s, China has been shifting to a consumer driven economy. In fact, consumption growth has, for the first time since the 1980s, outpaced growth in both exports and investments and now accounts for a…

CRISIS HEATS UP: Record Low Yield Curves and the Bond Crisis Black Hole

It’s now becoming blatantly obvious that 3 major crash indicators, I’ve been talking about since earlier this year; are heating up the Economic Crisis which has already started. Everyone wants to know right before it happens and everyone asks me…

FINAL FLAW BECOMES CLEAR: US Consumers Are “Tapped Out”…

On 8-2-19 President Trump announced additional tariffs of 10%, on all remaining imports from China, starting September 1st. While we’ve been told that the current tariffs did not impact the consumer (autos, chip makers, farmers etc.), this round of tariffs…

IS DEUTSCHE BANK ABOUT TO IMPLODE?: Are Central Banks Setting Up The Fiat/Gold Reset?

It’s a long way down from being the second largest bank by assets, in 2007, to the walking zombie bank that Deutsche today. And while central bank QE free money and several funding rounds have enabled this zombie to keep…


At this writing, there are $13.3 trillion in negative rate bonds, making up almost 25% of the entire bond market and close to 40% of government bonds are negative. The test of negative rates that began with Sweden in 2009…

THE ILLUSION OF CHOICE AND SAFETY: When Washington and Wall Street Merge

Confidence in the banking system is critical to the fiat money system, that’s why the FDIC insurance scheme was created in 1933, to restore confidence in the banks. Much like the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act bank,…

ITM Trading’s YouTube Feed

ITM Trading’s Webinar and Educational Videos ITM Trading’s Store Buy Gold And Silver Online  – We’ve helped tens of thousands buy gold and silver.   ITM Trading YouTube Channel Latest Videos Flash in 5 video collection Questions and Answers Segment ITM Trading…

Part One: What is Money, 2008 Was Just a Warning!

Part One of Four: What is Money How many times can you be lied to if you do not know the truth? What is the truth about money? We work for it, use it as our tool of barter and…


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