Reputable Silver Investments Vs. Reputable Companies

This article is a companion piece of sorts to another article I wrote available here. The general idea is that a company known as the Reputation Institute has released a report they compiled listing the top 100 companies worldwide as they are perceived by consumers in fifteen countries over seven separate criteria. My other article compared reputable gold investments to the company at rank number twenty-four, L’Oreal, and the company at rank number twenty-one, Amazon. This article will illustrate a … Read More »

Gold Questions Answered

The professionals at ITM Trading are easily some of the keenest, informed and studied that I have ever worked with. Commonly an ITM Trading senior analyst will spend an hour or two with a client or a caller helping them get their gold questions answered. Since gold is a currency as well as an asset, an informed gold dealer must understand currencies and economies as well as know the nuance differences between gold coins and rare American gold coins. When … Read More »

Test For Counterfeit Silver Coins – A How To

Silver Bullion Coins : Silver Eagle

Their are tests to check for counterfeit silver, and while you can apply those tests to test for counterfeit silver coins, you cannot apply the tests for counterfeit silver coins to general counterfeit silver. If this seems complicated, it really is not. Please read on. One difference between a test for counterfeit silver and a test for a counterfeit silver coins is that silver coins have specific dimensions and design criteria that is determined by the originating mint. Mint tolerances … Read More »

American Silver Eagle Coins, Delivered To You

Silver Bullion Coins : Silver Eagle

If you have not begun amassing a precious metals portfolio yet, perhaps you may want to begin by acquiring American Silver Eagles. There are several reasons to acquire silver bullion in general and a couple reasons to acquire American Silver Eagles in particular. Silver has been popular with investors because it is a more financially easily accessible form of currency metal, especially when compared to gold. In fact, silver prices are even good for silver prices right now. ITM Trading … Read More »

West Point Mint – An Unusual US Mint

If you own gold American Eagles, or if you buy gold American Buffaloes both of those gold coins have one thing in common; both of these gold coins were produced at the West Point Mint. The West Point Mint is very unique in its own right. In addition to being the only US Mint that currently produces gold bullion coins, the West Point Mint was also at one time the largest United States silver depository, and West Point, believe it … Read More »