DEAD CAT BOUNCE: But Only so High

On November 28th the Dow closed up 617.70 thanks to two comments made by Fed Chair Powell, in an about face cheered by Wall Street. What could make them so euphoric? The indication that he might slow raising interest rates and leave the cheap money punch bowl available for a while more. Some think the pressure from the president and a dramatically dropping stock market may have pressured him into that about face, even though his speech said otherwise saying, … Read More »

A GLOBAL THREAT US & China Clash of the Titans

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit ended on November 17th. Vice President Pence was there, as was President Xi, it was not a pretty meeting. In fact, for the first time in the 21-member Pacific Rim groups history, they were unable to end with a joint statement, exposing deep divisions between the US and China and sending global markets deeper into bear market territory. A key concern is China’s economy, the second largest next to the US and once hailed as … Read More »

FIAT MONEY WEALTH: How It Returns to Intrinsic Value

In 1971 the global financial system transitioned to a pure debt system. This was also when Wall Street went on a campaign to “Dematerialize” assets so they could be in a central location controlled by them Supports hypothecation (use of client equity) and leverage Enables opaque fee structures that benefit Wall Street Transfer corporate risk (DB Plans) to the individual (DC Plans) via IRAs, 401Ks et al. Supports higher corporate profits Enables the rise of income inequality Today, most individual … Read More »

FREEDOM ISN’T CONVENIENT: But it is still a choice away…

The move to cashless is not new. Bankers have been nudging us in that direction since the 1920’s. It’s just that technology is finally catching up with the dream. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? For individuals, the biggest benefit is convenience, unless of course you are one of the 1.7 billion unbanked people globally, who depend on cash for barter. For Corporations, profits are huge benefit. Every transaction would flow through a private corporation. They would gather a fee on every … Read More »

SHOCKER: SEC Notices Manipulative Insider Activity

We’ve talked about Tesla several times in the past. As a Wall Street “Unicorn” it’s current market cap is $58.2 billion, even though there are losses as far as the eye can see. On June 12th the stock price surged 3.19% and is now up 40% from its April low, when Wall Street questioned its ability to sell more debt. Why? Because Tesla is cutting it’s work force by 9%. But don’t worry, these cuts won’t come from the production … Read More »

ALERT! 2018 Pattern Shift: Has Hyperinflation Been Signaled?

Have the tax changes and repatriation finally kicked into gear? On Wednesday, the NASDAQ hit a new all-time high fueled primarily by the tech sector, who repatriated vast amounts of cash overseas. The funny thing is that the technology sector has been in the top five weekly insiders selling to buying ratios since I began tracking this data. Keep in mind that insiders are; Boards of Directors, CEOs, CFOs etc. So those that understand, better than anyone, what is really … Read More »

NAFTA, Tariffs and Trade Wars…Oh My!

Insider selling more than doubled last week, with both technology and finance in the top five selling. Industrials and business services didn’t buy even one share, though they sold quite a bit, in continuation of the pattern that began last October. Why would they be selling so much if everything is so good? Perhaps they’re concerned that the stock market is breaking down while we have the highest level of margin debt in history. Margin levels indicate that people borrowed … Read More »

PSM THE PARTY IS OVER: Who Will Clean Up the Mess?

In 2007 the financial crisis began to unfold as the US dollar crashed through the last long-term support level and rapidly plunged to lows never before seen. Emerging markets benefited from this in several ways; As capital exited the USD it flew to emerging markets in droves flooding them with lots of cash and since the USD was not much weaker against emerging market currencies the USD carry trade was born. The currency carry trade is a leveraged strategy (normally … Read More »


The Most Important Number in the World What I’m going to show you today is the most likely trigger to blow the financial system up where it is NOT repairable; and how the banks have the legal right to change YOUR contracts on mortgages, auto loans etc., without your permission. Originally LIBOR was supposed to reflect the actual cost to banks to borrow from another bank (interbank lending) overnight. But as the 2007 – 2008 crisis unfolded, the Interbank Lending … Read More »

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