3 Popular US Gold Coins

US gold coins are famous all over the world and are considered to be good for both preserving wealth and collection purposes. Some US gold coins that are often chosen by collectors are:

1.    Saint Gaudens Double Eagle: These coins are considered to be among the most beautiful coins minted by the United States. They were first struck in 1907 on the request of Theodore Roosevelt, the then President of the United States, to design coins in line with the beautiful Greek coins. Augustus Saint Gaudens was hired by the President to design a brand new coin series, which would be loved by one and all. The design of this coin on the obverse side includes Lady Liberty, with a torch in the right hand and an olive branch in the left. The design on the reverse side includes an Eagle in flight, with the sun’s rays forming the background.

2.    Liberty Double Eagle: This was first $20 coin minted by the US Mint in 1850. These were the first coins to be minted with a face value of $20, since up to this time only coins with lower face value were minted. The design of this famous coin includes the face of Lady Liberty on the obverse and the fully spread wings of the eagle on the reverse. The Liberty Double Eagle has been produced in three different designs:

•    Liberty Double Eagle minted from 1849-1866, with no motto inscribed.
•    Liberty Double Eagle minted from 1866-1876, with the words ‘Twenty D’ inscribed on the reverse.
•    Liberty Double Eagle minted from 1877-1907, inscribed with the words ‘Twenty Dollars,’ fully spelled out.

3.    $10 Liberty Head Eagle: These US gold coins were minted for the first time during 1838-1907. These coins became popular instantaneously and even today are considered to be one of the most circulated and in-demand US gold coins. The design on the obverse side of this coin is the face of Lady Liberty wearing a coronet encircled by 13 stars to represent the colonies or the original states. On the reverse, the coin reflects an eagle with arrows in one claw and an olive branch in the other.

These are some of the most popular US gold coins available in the market for avid collectors. However, there are many other gold coins minted in the United States that have also gained fame and popularity, such as the $10 Indian Head Eagle, $2.50 Quarter Eagles, $1 gold pieces, $5 Half Eagles and many more.