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Why A 1000 Point Crash In The Dow Can Mean All Hell Is Breaking Loose

A few weeks ago the Dow market opened to a very sharp decline. In fact, the market suffered a 1000 point crash in the first opening hour. Tumultuous days of trading ensued, with wild swings happening intraday, and the closing…

A-Mark Bullion Update

At the beginning of last week, it looked like gold was running out of steam as it failed two days in a row at the psychological resistance level of $1,200.  But then Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen gave a two…

Trade Gold For Food? That Works.

The old anti gold investing axiom goes “You can’t eat gold!” As I have proven in other blog articles on this site, you can eat gold. You can drink gold too. You just won’t really get any bodily nutrition in…

California Gold Rush – Wild American History

The California gold rush was quite a time in American history, and there are several unique and fascinating little stories that surround this particular gold rush. For instance, the California gold rush began before California was even legally part of…

Gold In Food – Can You Eat Gold?

I imagine that as long as there have been people there have been people that eat odd things. And from there the question “what is odd?” naturally arises. Perhaps “odd” is more relevant in the geographic sense, but odd can…

Buy Gold Bars Or Buy Hermes Birkin Handbags?

I read the articles comparing the ultra luxurious and ultra rare handbags to returns provided by the S&P 500 and the returns you might expect if you were to buy gold bars. The first article I read was somewhat sparse…

A-Mark Bullion Update

Over the last five trading days, gold has shot up nearly $60, taking out the 200 day moving average, trendline resistance, and the previous eight month high.  It may have finally met its match at the psychological resistance level of…

Counterfeit Silver – Easy At Home Tests

One sure way to lose in the world of silver investing is to buy counterfeit silver. And, the types of counterfeit silver that you may encounter can differ significantly, including counterfeit silver that is truly silver, but more on that…

After The Gold Rush – Atlantic City

Maybe you have been to Atlantic City. Maybe you have been to Las Vegas. Maybe have been to Detroit. Right now Atlantic City in Detroit don’t look anything like Las Vegas, even though Las Vegas took its own share of…

Buy Gold – Can You Really Buy Gold?

There are some stores where you can walk right in put down dollars or a debit card and walk out with gold and say that you were truly able to buy gold. But would you be correct? Funny thing about…


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