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Market Update April 25, 2012

Bernanke is maintaining a highly accommodative stance “in light of the persistence of factors restraining the pace of recovery and the ongoing risk to the economic outlook.” The problem is that history has shown us that this stance has not…

Social Security Fund Dries Up

The funds that run the Social Security program are kept in what is called a “trust fund.” Tax income is deposited into the trust fund on a daily basis and is “invested” in “special issue” securities. The cash exchanged for…

Central Banks Snap Up Gold

During February and March of 2012 when Gold prices fell, which caused individuals to sit on the sidelines and watch the action, foreign central banks were doing quite the opposite. The Financial Times reported they were buying up as much…

Yuan And The Dollar Size Each Other Up

There is a rather large issue regarding The Dollar that should be of interest to Americans. That big issue is China and more particularly the Chinese Yuan and how it could negatively affect the U.S. economy. Recently, China made a…

Gold Wins For Most Americans

Investors in CNBC’s latest All-American Economic Survey call Gold the “best investment,” even over real estate or stocks. The shiny yellow metal has a huge attraction. It seemingly knows no boundaries, from income levels to geographic regions, or even political…

Brazil Slams U.S. Monetary Policy

The Monetary Policy of the U.S. became the subject of critical conversation in a meeting at the White House between President Obama and Brazil’s president Dilima Rousseff, who described the policy as “expansionary.” The Brazilian president went on to say,…

Tips on Buying Gold from a Gold Trading Company

Gold traders are expecting those Buying Gold to witness the best start of the year in 2012. They primarily assume this due to the pledge taken by the Federal Reserve to maintain low interest rates until end of 2014. On…

4 Advantages of Investing in $20 Saint Gaudens Gold Coins

collectors of Gold Coins will get an opportunity to win famous valuable coins at the Long Beach Coin, Stamp and Collectibles Expo in 2012. This expo is being held at the California Convention Center, situated at Long Island Beach, from…

The US Gold Mint’s 2011 Proof Gold Eagle

According to a report published on January 25, 2012, the US Gold Mint has increased the prices of its bullion gold coins for the second time in 2012. Prices of gold coins have been adjusted by $50 for every ounce…

Rare Gold Coins: Gold Coins

If there is one thing that gold coin collectors around the world fancy, it’s Rare Gold Coins. Not only are rare gold coins considered valuable for their beauty and historical significance, they are also highly sought after because of their…


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