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A-Mark Bullion Update

Yesterday, economic data showed that sales of existing US homes rose by the highest amount since 2013.  The figure came in at 5.19 million annualized for the month of March which beat the median forecast by economists of 5.04 million.  The Mortgage Bankers Association also reported a 2.3% increase in mortgage applications on the week … Continue reading

Types of US Gold Coins

There are two different types of US gold coins that can be purchased, Collectible Coins and Bullion. A Collectible U.S. gold coin, also known as Numismatic Coins, is typically defined as a coin that was struck (or made) on or before 1933 and they usually have a collectible value to them because of their rarity … Continue reading

Pre-1933 Gold Coins, the Smart Choice

Gold as Money Gold has been a popular form of money for mankind for thousands of years.  In fact gold was used as money right here in the United States from 1795 to 1933.  But that trend stopped when something very interesting happened.  In 1933 under executive order 6102, then President Franklin Delano Roosevelt ordered … Continue reading

Keep Your Precious Metals Investments Simple

Give your investment portfolio power by keeping it simple! It is common knowledge within the investment community that diversifying one’s portfolio is the key to a bright financial future.  Diversification spreads risk across many assets so if one part of the portfolio is down, hopefully another part of the portfolio is up.  The same can … Continue reading

The History of Gold

The history of gold is long and storied. Gold was first used as currency nearly 3,000 years ago, around 700 B.C. However, the metal was discovered and valued long before that. In fact, many civilizations from several thousands of years ago made mentions of gold in their texts or in artifacts left behind. Gold and … Continue reading