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Gerald Celente On Gold And World Affairs In 2014

In this recent Gerald Celente interview, Gerald speaks about gold as a safe haven during times of world unrest. Gerald is interviewed by reporters from around the world for his keen insights on trends and how to protect yourself and … Continue reading

Gold Is The Wisest Asset

In this interview from a few years ago, Gerald makes his case for owning gold. Since this time gold prices have pulled back, and the stock market has climbed to new highs on very weak growth and trillions of dollars … Continue reading

Russia, China Aiming For Dollars Demise

Jim Rickards Discusses The Demise Of The Dollar On Daily Ticker: “Saudi Arabia feels stabbed in the back by what the president did in December, he sort of anointed Iran as the regional power…oil must be priced in dollars, everyone … Continue reading

Is The U.S. Heading Toward A Deeper Downturn?

Is the U.S. Heading Toward a Deeper Downturn? by WSJ_Live Lakshman Achuthan Debates The Fact That The Recent Economic Slowdown Was Due To The Very Harsh Weather on WSJ Live: -”I was told that we would be adding 300,000 jobs … Continue reading

Average American Worker’s Share Of National Debt Rises To $106,000

From The “Bulls And Bears” Interview: -Each American worker is now responsible for about $106,000.00 of the National Debt. -Are our grandchildren the ones who will ultimately be stuck with the debt? -We Started 2000 about $5.6 trillion in debt, … Continue reading