Ed Schultz And ITM Trading

Ed Schultz Broadcasting In-Studio
Ed Schultz Broadcasting In-Studio

Ed Schultz was born to an Aeronautical Engineer Father and English Teacher Mother in Norfolk Virginia in 1954. Ed (Edward Andrew) enjoyed sports, particularly football, during his school years, and graduated from Maury High School in 1972. Ed went on to play College football on a scholarship to Minnesota State University Moorhead, and eventually signed as a free agent with the Oakland Raiders. It was this background in sports that would serve as his springboard into the world of broadcasting as a play-by-play announcer and TV Sports Anchor.

Ed eventually found his current calling as a political talk show host in 1992. At this time, Schultz was a confessed Republican, though these views would soften and become more Liberal, especially as he spent time among the poor and unfortunate. At one point, for his show, Schultz traveled the land in a motor home, meeting listeners and experiencing life from the viewpoints of “every-day folks” that comprise the vast majority of the Nation. Ed’s Transformation from conservative Republican to liberal Democrat was further formed during a personally stressful time in Ed’s life as he struggled to find care for his Mother, Mary, who was in a long and downward spiraling fight with Alzheimer’s disease. This opened Ed’s eyes further to the plight of the poor and downtrodden, many of whom were Veterans seeking the same services Ed found so hard to find for his Mother’s deteriorating condition.

As Ed’s listeners grew in numbers, not only did his show become nationally syndicated, he was eventually tasked with going head-to-head with popular conservative Rush Limbaugh, and by 2008, Ed had an audience that numbered over three million. During his rise, Ed became quite adept at drawing and interviewing interesting and informative guests. Also, sponsors began to take notice of Ed’s views and the loyalty of his listeners. ITM Trading has been sponsoring the Ed Schultz show since 2004, and ITM’s President, Craig Griffin, has been a guest on several occasions sharing his market analyses and views on the economy and precious metals in particular. Ed proudly states, “I get my gold from ITM Trading, and you should too!”

Pam, Colorado

I wanted to write to let you know how very happy I am with ITM Trading. I called ITM after hearing a radio ad and was put in contact with an account executive. I was looking for information about buying gold/numismatics and had all my questions answered and my stress about the investment eliminated. I made a major purchase that very day and have bought more numismatics on several occasions from ITM Trading.

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I have been a client of ITM Trading and another well known major gold broker (intentionally un-named) since 2005. The service I’ve received from ITM Trading has been significantly better from the start. My portfolio manager at ITM spent countless hours over the years explaining the gold market and economic trends. I also received periodic portfolio reviews from ITM which clearly communicated the value of my investments. My manager at the other gold broker simply offered advice on coins to buy. My most recent experience with the difference between both companies came when I found myself in a position where I needed to sell some of my dated coins. The first coin I sold was a coin I bought from the other gold broker. I was able to sell it locally for $200 more than the other gold broker was willing to offer. My next experience with the other gold broker was with the time it took to receive payment for coins I shipped to them. There was a two week waiting period between when the coins were received and the payment was sent. When I sold coins to ITM, I was pleased to know that payment for the coins was sent the same day the coins were received. In my mind ITM Trading beats other gold brokers hands down.”

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Please accept my heartfelt appreciation for the many years of sound advice you have given me in regards to owning gold.

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Thank you for everything you have done for me. ITM Trading was enormously helpful in my early retirement situation. ITM’s knowledge in this business was very impressive and their speedy responses were refreshing.

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Given the current instability of the US Dollar, I reluctantly had to face moving cash into precious metals. After talking with three companies I made a small purchase with an established Southern California firm. This turned out to be a very unsatisfactory experience. Then I discovered ITM Trading. I can honestly say that no other company has even come close to the amount of time and information they have been able to offer me on a regular basis. I have now made a number of purchases with them and I am very happy to highly recommend their services.

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I am also getting a financial education, and feel free to call if I have questions or I am trying to understand something that is occurring in the financial world. I believe I will be able to retire. I don’t think I would feel that way if I hadn’t made the call that day.”

Phoenix, Arizona