Audio Interviews with Financial Market Experts and Leading Gold Industry Professionals

Each of the interviews listed were conducted with the financial expert and the president of ITM Trading Craig Griffin.

Jim Rickards And Craig Griffin Talk About "The Death Of Money" And The Future Of Gold

Jim Rickards, Author Of "The Death Of Money"
Jim Rickards, Author Of “The Death Of Money”

Author Jim Rickards and President of ITM Trading Craig Griffin discuss gold and it’s role as a currency. Jim has worked with the CIA developing models and programs to thwart insider trading and terrorism. His unique and brilliant insights into the world of business and currencies will shed light on why you need to own gold as part of your financial portfolio.

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Interview with Jim Rickards

Jim Rickards, Author Of  "Currency Wars"
Jim Rickards, Author Of “Currency Wars”

Listen to an important interview with Jim Rickards Senior Managing Director for Market Intelligence at Omnis, Inc. and ITM Trading President Craig Griffin. The interview describes how Mr. Rickards view of gold at $7,000 per ounce is possible.

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Albert Sindlinger – July 1995

Albert is considered to be the father of consumer confidence surveys. He was an advisor to President Herbert Hoover and formed Sindlinger Company Inc. in 1948, which gathered data on consumer confidence for many years.

This interview is still relevant today. It gives great perspective on current dilemmas we are facing in today’s economy and how they parallel the Great Depression. Mr. Sindlinger also talks about current statistics and how they are manipulated. Finally, Albert states that gold is a good safe haven and believed that gold would go to $2,000 to $5,000/oz.

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Richard Russell - July 1995

Richard Russell and Dow Theory Letters on ITM Trading

Richard has been writing “Dow Theory Letters” for 50 years! He has thousands of subscribers all over the world and he is very well respected for what he does. He is specifically regarded for his ability to call moves in the stock market.

This interview covers what Dow Theory is, what bull and bear markets are and historical performances of the stock market. From such a well respected professional it is very interesting to hear what Mr. Russell has to say about the stock market.

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Lakshman Achuthan – April 2009

Lakshman Achuthan

Lakshman Achuthan is the Managing Director of Economic Cycle Research Institute. ECRI studies recessions and recoveries. They forecast economic and inflation cycle turns for all major market economies using a rigorous and objective methodology. In this interview Lakshman said that the future inflation gauge could head up at any time. For the following year after the interview the FIG was up 11 out of 12 months. Lakshman also talks about his views on the recovery.

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